How Life Should Be

To taste of the whole world
And to feel it on my palate,

I’d be more happy for a minute or so…

Not every day is sunny.
When there’s been rain for a while, you pray for it to stop. 

So I take each day as a gift; rain or shine. 

I am someone who doesn’t find it strange to want a day of rain.  

To see it cover mountains and oceans; the Atlantic. 
There it rains in cliffs and grass…

Nature is what I love; and you…

Those long walks with you along the cliffs of Langland. 
I’m a Texan, living in Wales. 

People think I’m different; 

I’m beginning to think; why avoid being different? 

Maybe that’s my job. 
What you need is to be natural and calm,

To feel like someone sees your worth, 

To know someone walks with you.

And when the day ends; to remember; 

The sunset is beautiful, our endless night are beautiful…
We are beautiful. 

That’s how it is with us; I think. 

That’s how love and life and work should be. 

Thank you for giving that job to me. 

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