Sounds of the Sea

I can feel the dream. And although I’ve never been there before; it is so close. I can almost grasp the wind rolling in and cloud swelling storms beckoning in my hands.   

It begins to rain. I’m at the beach and I step into the water; cold waves reach at my feet, then my knees, and then I feel myself collapsing under the waves. 

The sea swallows me in the shallows and all light and sound goes out of the world. I am reduced to the empty, forced, limp; my body swaying in the water and drifting sand. 

My feet come off the fine sand of the bottom, and the cold water flows out my hair and floods through my fingers and toes. 

While it sucks the warmth right out of my muscles, it holds me up all the same. 

Just when I think I’ve learned to breathe water, I surface and my breath has returned the air back into my lungs. 

Now I can hear the roar of the stars, the sound of the waves; the wind and the thunder and the rain. When my eyes open everything is savage and still beautiful. 
– Life With Catnip 

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