Life is But A Dream….Chapter 1 Revisited

Life is But a Dream, Until We Wake Up
By Katie
(Catherine Caitlin Ridgey)

Based on the true love story of Honey Bunny and His girl, Sweetie Pie. The names and the photo are made up to protect their identity. Dedicated to Dr. Hinkleberry, M.A., PHD.D., Esquire. DBA, Poet, Writer, Author, Lyricist, Philosopher, Professor, and Psychologist.

Chapter 1

Life is not as simple as replaying a memory
When you love someone.
It was if part of himself taken away from him,
And these nightmares kept Honey
Awake almost every night.

They never let him sleep and making him feel bad,
And wake up sweating every night.
It was beginning
To take toll on him, loss of focus,
Trouble concentrating, wouldn’t eat properly,
Finding it difficult to even do his chores,
Even as simple as shaving,
Emptying the ash trays or taking a bath.

It had been weeks since he called his Mum or Dad.
He tried to keep all of his friends at distance,
Because of this little fear.
He was afraid of loss; of losing them all.

Honey Bunny didn’t want anyone to know,
That he was in trouble emotionally,
That his love, turned out not to beloved,
And tricked him into something,
That did not exit, at all.

So if the thought nobody would not understand,
He felt it was his fault, when it wasn’t at all.
But Honey Bunny carried this burden and
What if they turned their back on him, or
What if they ridiculed him from being stuck
Or laughed, because he was so heart broken.
He could not bear the thought of it.

The dream had worsened.
He would wake up for one moment and then,
He would succumb to slumber once again
Just to have it happen again.


    6 thoughts on “Life is But A Dream….Chapter 1 Revisited

      • Thank you. I’ve followed yours for months now and enjoyed the read. So sorry to hear about the things going on there. I certainly hope the best for each of you. Love Catnip


    1. What happened with me is, I woke up, but I did not know I was awake, and when I was asleep, I thought I was awake, I held onto tho as long as I went merrily merrily merrily then all would be well. Loved this writing !!! Thank you for your time and effort!


      • This is part of the novel I am writing. Of course, the names will change and lots of drama will be included in the future versions, but I see you get m gist of the beginning of the story. Waking up, not knowing where you were or if you awake, and when sleeping, thinking you were awake, holding onto to something as long as you can and can’t even understand why. And it’s all because of a lucid dream about one girl in your life who tore you apart. But then over time, you come out again, finally discovering another, who is almost just like you. To have life begin again and find love and be loved once more. Thank you.


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