About A Life With Catnip

There is something about the night sky,
The beauty and elegance, an overwhelming smile,
Joy and happiness, not void nor pale of the light.
Moments before dawn when the light graces the earth,
The nested hen rising; her rooster’s crow, chicks hatching.
Life among mortals, yet a cat who leaves no traces.
A wisdom and full of love guiding all from going astray,
A heart full of kindness and devoid of hate,
When she loves him truly, and he truly loves her.
With only one wish, to live in world of harmony,
In peace, love and infinite grace.

This blog is about me and my relationships. Possibly seen through the eyes of a cat. She is a poet. It is about me and a beautiful boy who is quite fragile; discovering that together they can love life again, and learn to accept to be loved and a possibly live a happy life with me. My friends Call me Catnip. Thank you for reading

Love, Catniip

Caitlin and Jim Bob in “Life Above the Mat” series

Katie in the “I Remember Paris” series.

Catnip, “The Hopeless Romantic” “Why I love you” series….

“Carl is a Cat” about human behaviour modification for Cat series

“Catnip Wisdom” infamous quotes

139 thoughts on “About A Life With Catnip

  1. This is such a lovely, relatively undiscovered site. I love the romance, the tender touch, the poetry and artistry. Sometimes it takes a woman…


    • Yes, unrequited love, there is a deep sadness about it, but it makes beautiful poetry. I thought he loved me. He said I wasn’t the one he was looking for. I Thank you for reading.


  2. I canโ€™t begin to thank you enough for stopping over and following my humble blog-o-thing! I wish you the very best, not only today but well into the future. Be inspired and please take care.


  3. I hope you realize how pretty you are. Btw, I am just getting to responding to “Versatile Blogger Award” nomination. Sorry for the long delay.


  4. Well… i received your notification on e-mail and stopped… no words when i saw the photo on your avatar… Just amazing, lovely… divine!

    I loved the text too… you’re special, your words means lot for me.

    Kisses ๐Ÿ˜€


  5. Hi,
    Great to find and follow a person like you from same finance field as i am..!
    Great Blogging as finance Dr. & Cr. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    • You know these type of compliments really get to a wannabe writer. Certainly I’m flattered of course. Better than sex. Yes indeed, most overwhelming.


    • Hello Anastasia,
      No thank you. I was reading both of yours…and dreamland dancing, wonderful, and the comments and the conversation oooof.


      • Dear Catnip,
        Well I must admit I’m partial to his writings, As I am to all the other Amazing Authors, Writers, and Blogger’s I’m following.
        I would like to encourage you to check out Dreamlanddancing, Chazz is an Amazing Writer.
        Your Friend,
        Anastasia ๐Ÿ˜Š


      • Dear Cat,
        That’s an Awesome idea! ๐Ÿ‘ Without putting to much pressure on you, how would You like to go about creating this club? Think about it and we could get something started.
        ~A ๐Ÿ˜Š


      • One of my son’s, his fiancรฉ is down here from Maine training at Southwest Airlines for 2 weeks. So I picked her up Entertaining all Day. Spent the afternoon at the spa treated her we both got the works hair, nails toes massage and waxing. Just the face this time no bikini wax. Drinks and then dinner at Primo’s. She wanted to see the light tower of reunion arena. Just dropped her at her hotel got home.


  6. Hello Catnip. A poem for you. “Melody of love”
    Raven hair,
    beautiful face,
    bewitching eyes,
    gentle muse,
    beautiful words,
    ascending thoughts,
    thoughts abound,
    sober dreams,
    behold love,
    love shared,
    Paris dreams,
    Passionate love.

    Sweet dreams,
    never forgotten.

    Have fun and be safe..


  7. Hello my beautiful friend. A poem for you.
    I couldn’t find you
    A Poem by Coyote Poetry

    We need people to excite our imagination first. The flesh can forget. The mind yearn for more.

    I couldn’t find you

    Where are you my sweet lover? I looked for your sweet words.
    Kind whispers that made me know madness and made me dream again.

    In sweet places where my imagination ran free. I told you.
    Save me.
    Break me.
    Take me to new places.
    Allow me to swim in the heat of your body.
    Let us become one.

    I dreamed of you.
    I image you laying nude and free.
    No secret to protect or shield.

    I want to say your name a thousand times.
    Lay into your breast in tender embrace and know.
    You are mine and I’m yours.

    Touch me, hold me,
    make me come alive are words hidden in kind dreams.

    I couldn’t find you.
    You laid heavy upon my mind.

    I hope you are floating safely and content in the warmth of safe water.
    Thank you sweet Katie. Made a old dreamer wish and dream once again.

    I love you and I hope you dancing in City of lights.
    For me and you.


      • You stay in my thoughts. I want to share coffee and time with you someday. You give me reasons to write and think. The world is smaller than we believe. Have fun and be safe. Love Johnnie


      • And from reasoning we find our purpose for living. With living comes loving, it’s why we exist…to share more and to love more and to make the other happy by whatever means necessary. Giving all you got.

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      • Good to be served well. Another chapter came to my mind yesterday for she wanted Paris and I wanted her. I will write now. I would like to become friends who share victories and lose. Writers, dreams and musician/artist have so much in common. Look at the sixties. The creative people changed the world. My Catnip. Old men have little left to give but voice, concern and hope. One day. Maybe words can save this world. It seem the words of love and peace are blocked out by the noise of war.


  8. Hello my Catnip. I hope you are doing well.

    It is okay honey. I will be alright.
    I love you still.
    Far away or near.
    You have saved me with kindness and gentleness.
    This is what love is.
    No perfect love.
    Just us seeking some kind of love in our desperate times.
    You were some sunshine.
    A little magic to make me dream.
    I love the woman who wanted Paris.
    I wanted you content.
    Please dance and drink sweet red wine.
    Life is to be lived. You made me live and smile.
    Please remember me.
    I shall remember you.

    I was writing on my work day. Too many things to do today. Have fun and be safe.


  9. Final chapter my missed friend.
    She wanted Paris and I wanted her
    โ€œThen shall thy circling arms embrace and clip my naken body, and thy balmy lips. Bathe me in juices of kisses, whose perfume like a religious incense shall comsumeโ€
    Thomas Carew

    I held her close in the warm bubbly water. Katie was in a deep meditation. I watched her and she opened her eyes slowly. She asked me. Where do we go from here? Will I make you content tomorrow, next week or next year? Am I enough to keep safe and sound? I kissed her neck and her face and I told her. We can go as far as you want. You are my wall of safety in the wild and crazy world. You are my place to rest. I can be weak and strong with you. I want to be the same for you. You are my only sweetness and kindness I know. I yearn to see you as soon as I close the door and leave for work. I want to hold you again. My goal is to make you know you are my joy and my happiness.

    She touched my lips with her fingers and she told me. Word mean little honey. I need solid evident. You must carry me to the silk sheets and make me beg for mercy. You must show me Iโ€™m everything to you. Iโ€™m your world and only pleasure.

    I kissed my sweet Katie. I lifted her out of the bathtub. I slowly dried her with a large towel from beautiful feet to hair gently. I caressed and kissed her soft skin and enjoyed the view of her perfect body. I caressed the curves of her womanly body with gentle touch and appreciation. I dried myself off and I picked her up. I pick her up and I carry her to the bed. I gently release her to the sot bed and we fell together upon the bed. She gave me many tender sweet kisses and she whispered. Thank you for Paris my love.


  10. Hello dear friend. A poem for you. I hope you are doing fine.
    Katie do, Katie does

    A Poem by Coyote Poetry

    Good to be fearless and touch dreams.

    Katie do, Katie does
    Beautiful as the rising Summer sun.
    Sweet and kind like the fresh Fall sweet honey.
    She told me. If you want me.
    Must leave your tomb and find me.
    A divided heart will die a lonely one.

    I told her. Tragedy of a cowardice life.
    Is accepting not enough.
    Slaying your dreams and settling for a subtle life.
    Waiting for nothing.

    Sweet Katie left Texas. She left to find sweet dreams and
    I accepted dark skies and a trouble heart.

    But it is okay. My tire bones donโ€™t want much anymore.
    Sweet and kind woman can arouse tire hope and spirit for a moment.
    The bruised heart need some kind of peace and calm.
    I see in sweet dreams. Beautiful Katie dancing, drinking and
    celebrating being alive.

    Autumn is coming and I know Katie is content.
    She took me to Paris and one day.
    I will return to Paris with a mysterious beauty where Hemingway
    drank and laughs. Whisper secret hope and wants.
    We will laugh at things wanted and things left behind.
    I love my Katie. Katie was fearless.
    Katie do, Katie does.

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    • If we go back to where we truly are; to be… a perfect grace, then it’s love that sets the standard for us to live, and it does, and so in this life i find this is truly living; where loving someone becomes a privilege.
      Thank you for the beautiful words. I am honored.

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  11. Hello dear friend. Maybe you can help since you are in Europe. I’m trying to get a copy of Odd Jansen book called “Tommy”. Odd Jansen came to me by reading a book called “A lucky child”. Thomas Buergenthal wrote the book A lucky child and he was saved by Odd Hansen. You are wiser and smarter than me. I can’t track a copy down. Love and wishes you are content and having fun.

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  12. Hi, wanted to reach out. Am new here on wp and found your blog through another site. Read a few of your poodle posts. Very heartwarming. Not enough of it in this world, sadly but finding yours is refreshing. Looking forward to more inspiration from Catnip. Cool name by the way.


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    • Thank you Anthony. I try to mix it up up a bit. I love writing and photography and so delighted you enjoyed it. If you like variety, please check out my links at the top of my home page for a sampling. Thank you for reading and following. Cheers.

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  13. Hey dear,
    Loved your work. And can relate myself to many. You have a great blog here and your work is beautiful. Looking forward to read more of your great work. Thank you so much for liking my work too ๐Ÿ™‚

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  15. Hi again Catnip! Have been trying to email you through the “original” email addy we had, but it seems to be old/not-working; keeps coming back Undeliverable. Had a couple of questions for you.

    Also, due to my temporary location I am unable to visit your “other blog” due to “adult restrictions”. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Don’t you just loathe Texas sometimes? lol

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  16. Hello my friend. A new chapter finally.
    .La petite mort, Little death -She wanted Paris and I wanted her.

    Katie got up and went to the window. The city was lite-up. Her nude body seem dreamy and perfect in the incoming light of the city of lights. I put in the Leonard Cohen tape. The voice of Leonard whispered secret tales and story. She turned and danced slowly and I watched her body move slowly to the ghostly voice of the songs. Her full hips and robust breast moved with the words. She made me dream of her kiss and body near. I knew. I was lucky. When an woman give you everything and allowed you into her secret places. A true gift rarely given.

    She told me. “I want to dance nude on the balcony. Will you allow me to open the doors and dance?” I whsipered dear Katie. 36 degrees outside my love. You will get sick and mess-up our time here in Paris.” She made a sad face and she told me. ” You could make me warm. Bring the blanket to me and embrace me. We will dance for the gods of the old city. Two naked bodies showing the Gods. Love is alive and well in the city of Paris tonight.” I held the blanket close and I went to her. She went to the ground and embraced me. Forcing her breast against my penis, moving them slowly against me. She kissed my stomach and she asked. “When we explode with excitement. Is it La petite mort, the small death? Or us touching the utopia of paradise where few can know my darling?’

    I touched her face and I whispered. “I believe true lovers make the anticipation of La petite mort worthwhile. Ensure the ending is worth the journey. I believe we must drift slowly into places and make every movement, caress and kiss inflamed the interlacing of two people. Passion need lovers, not someone seeking ending before beginning”

    Katie smiled as my excitement of her warm breast against her making me come alive. She felt the hardness against her skin and she told me. “It is time Johnnie. Time to open the doors and you and I to embrace for the moon and the stars. She rose up and turn her back against me. I wrapped the blanket around her. We walked to the door and I opened the doors. The cold air made our embrace tighten. We go to the balcony ledge and I held her tightly, watched her eyes sparkle with joy and happiness. She reached her hand to my penis and slowly forced me into the warmth of her vagina. She danced a slow movement as I kissed her neck, face and lips. Her gentle rocking held me tightly and I grasped her breasts as we moved in a dance for the Paris Gods of the night. The cold seem far away as I watched her eyes. Her soft and beautiful face near was dreaming of long dance and never ending love. I wanted her content and held my excitement till she fell against the railing of the balcony. She turned to me and she told me. “Time to close the doors dear lover and finish what we started.”

    We closed the doors and ran to the soft bed. Grasping the covers and holding each other tightly. She kissed me often and she felt my body not content yet. She smiled and whispered. “How dare you make me happy and You haven’t found the proper ending yet. Are you teasing and pleasing me tonight, dear lover? I told her. We must play slave and master. Giver or receiver. Tonight I can wait. Dear Katie, you are my muse, lover and friend. I told you already. La petite mort is worth the trip if two lovers want to reach the same place. Katie straddled me and she laid her head in my chest and she whispered. I love you Johnnie.

    Coyote/John Castellenas

    Previous Chapter prev chapter (I hope you like)

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