Counting Sheep

At the end of the day, our body’s
grow weary, as if in pain and swelling up
It’s alright, it’s the sign our body
needs to rest.

Sometimes it’s a drowning, a smothering,
suffocating weariness; a burden
that I lay upon on my love so true.
That I must lay down, I don’t mean to.

It’s after all the filling up to bursting
the human body becomes tired, it’s ready
and wanting to lay down near you
to let me spill out on you.

And it’s as if we need to return
to the breath to sweet oxygen within
the kiss, oh let me die for, to sleep or
come hither, my sweet and take me down.

Remove this arrow that inhibits me
and replace it in my heart strait threw
now is the time for sleep
come and lay down beside me.

So tomorrow that we can go on loving,
we need a new breath of life and resting
to regain ourselves to brand new
and partake in the sweetness of life.

The body needs time to be reclaimed
A time to relax, to recover, rejuvenate,
and it’s time for the soul to heal.

And to this is the purpose of sleep.
It’s time to count sheep.

After the loving of course.
so when the sun is set and
the stars appear in the heavens,
our souls partake and leaves
our body.

Even if we remain partially awake,
at rest, part of the soul still departs
it’s the reason why we begin to feel drained
and more tired as the night unfolds.

During our actual sleep, the soul leaves,
but only just enough to sustain
us physically.

The physical existence suddenly broken
the soul is now free to ascend
to a higher place in the spiritual realm
where it receives nourishment and

It’s how we recharge and recover
making it in the midst of a chaotic day,
our limitations of time, space,
and motion challenge us.

Life takes its toll; it is why
the soul needs to rest.

Slumber is a state beyond the realm,
of time and space, past, present
it’s the totality of a human life
unified into one.

And sleep allows the soul to recharged,
our soul comes back happy, and nourished
and ready begin again; to love and live
a life most fulfilling.

But mostly, at the end of the day
sleep is the healing that just gives
our soul a chance,
to catch up with our body.

Goodnight and Sweet Dreams.

4 thoughts on “Counting Sheep

    • Sweet, I hope it is soothing. i wrote it for my weary friend tonight, a little something something special calming…thank you for following. Sweet dreams. C


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