Play for me


For my J.


Oh, dearest
it is you locked inside me
there, me the one to hold you
let me tell you my sweet love
as you sing, say I;  You are
beautiful, as the song you are

That we are just of
the world, not yet come
into our that will be
if it was
wouldn’t there be

your heart is yet
still alive; please do not
say that it is not
life will not hurt us
not much longer
your heart is only sleeping.

When the only melody in your head
is a your love song,
and the lovliest thing
your heart seems capable doing
is loving me more, and the only
thing you want to do
play me and escape
lets’s disappear.

We are talking about finding
eternity in the things people
throw away. we are talking about
listening to the moments of silence
in between heart beats. we are talking
about distances shortening and
people realizing they can
change the chords.

We are talking about
finding happiness
one of the greatest tragedies
in life is that
those who judge us
can’t even seem to judge us

Do you know
my heart has a song
it has a beat, a melody of love
just listen.

We could stay up late
at night, until sleep seems
only a beat away,
until words become only soft
murmurings of my heart.

You are a guitar
played by the hands of humans
and yet, the chord
you hold onto
purity, somehow, and
there is someone inside
and magic.

you come along and make
the most beautiful music
and it comes
out of you to
play for me.

I Love You.



One thought on “Play for me

  1. Last night I passed-out
    I have no idea how
    Only had a couple
    Of Martinis
    Vodka, that I’m learning
    For you
    To make as good as Gin

    I’m awake here
    A song is playing
    in my head
    “you didn’t care
    Rocks and the Mountains
    Giving up in the air”

    I look around for you
    you are not here
    sometimes my life….

    I revisit, re-know
    Old master I see
    spoke about him

    I think of you
    of how you are
    not here
    how i hold onto you

    I want to sing
    play guitar
    in confusion
    in love
    i don t know
    when you’ll
    be here

    when will
    this rift
    be mended

    so, just questions
    this morning
    a while
    i come into being

    i don’t know
    where you are


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