I reached for your heart,
Like a little sparrow,
Your heart was cold
Love was unreachable,
Not knowing how to dream…

Each time I tried,
It was about being pushed away
Each time It hurt.
Like willow leaves flowing down,
Branches like teardrops,
Falling waves in the wind.

Then the day came
After many attempts of plea
I had finally agreed
To see. So I
Rode out to this foreign land.

Upon my mighty steed
Riding into the unknown
My endurance nearly faded,
There was no shelter in sight.

Something brought me back
Near fainting from fatigue,
Upon my arrival
You said,
As I look at you.
I was not the most prettiest girl
He had ever seen,
Not the one he wanted
For all time,
But I guess you will do.

An old man now I see
“So clumsy and poor.”
I do not care for you either
But it made him want to marry me
That much, even more.

I did not care for him,
The way he made me feel,
You must let me go,
Taking all these years to decide
I Know you don’t even care for me…
I don’t know why I should stay,
Now that I know this truth.

But he said I could not go,
That I was a gift. He could not give back,
The only way he could live
Is to live with me, or he’d die.
That I was to be his only life,
The only way was, his destiny
Was for me to stay.

So hesitantly, I agreed,
To take us to a place to settle down.

We settled in the mountains,
He learned to care for me,
A great deal, but he never told me.

Spent many years there.

Then one day,
I said to him, with open arms and tears
I’m not a human any more,
After all these years, it’s been hard,
I thought you never loved me
Not one time, you never told me
So I turned and changed,
I’m a willow tree.

You lived, but you were killing me slowly,
I am dying my love.

Tears rushed down his cheek,
There was nothing he could do,
To save me…

I returned to the forest,
You hid behind your sleeve,
Fading away into my dust.
You tried to kiss me,
You tried to hug me
I was gone forever.

You waited by the stream,
Once where a willow tree stood
Now only a stump,
He kissed it everyday.

As a reminder of me,
The only girl that he loved,
Hoping she would return
He knew it was hopeless,
But there he wept and waited
Waiting even past eternity.

6 thoughts on “Willow

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    now and finally got the courage to go ahead and ɡive yοu a shout out from
    Humble Texas! Just wanted to tell you keep up tҺe gooԁ job!


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