Paris Journey’s~ Love is a Verb

Love is an action
So why do we have to say it
What is on our minds
Why can’t we just show it
Believing that it’s alright
Just to giving in to wants
As you give into me.

Do I satisfy your every need…
As you do me,
Do you want more and
Am I enough?
When do you know it’s right
To go on with it…

Taking every chance
Making it, craving it,
Starving for more,
I can’t can’t get you out of my head
So why try to fight it anyway…

It’s come to the point
Where I find the days
Simply, that I cannot live without
And the nights are even harder
Knowing you are in the other room.

When I can’t lay with you and
Why is it so hard to hold back,
Knowing I am wanting you more
Proving the action of the verb.

But when I am with you
When I can touch you,
In places under your skin
And in places unseen,
Then I tremble
In my own becoming,
Leaving me wet and

9 thoughts on “Paris Journey’s~ Love is a Verb

  1. We know real freedom in love rarely. Real love don’t need words. My dear Grandfather who was marry with my dear Grandmother for 65 years. Ensure she had her sweets and her vernors with a cherry. Love is when you want to see your love smile and content.


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