“Be patient and tough someday this pain will be useful to you.” – Ovid
When bodies trembled passionately, hungrily,

In the enchantment of moments where every stroke is maddening.

In the pleasure of inciting thrusts, pumping and clutching,
Releasing the mind of its imagination so beautifully and unbelievably in the hardness of learning, to the purpose of understanding. 

It is to that capacity of the intellect, with the aid of the body and the senses; alongside reason which exist that is enables us to have insight. 

To add substance to words and to concepts, to make use of. It’s not only see, but to perceive the essentially quality of being with rational thought, reason and logic imagination and originality. 

Understanding enables us to add new ideas under a concept, words. and synthesise different elements from different ideas and concepts. 

it is creative reasoning enabling us to analyse, to constructively criticise helping us to see immediately when its enough. 

It means to have temperance for ingenuity, what time , continuous strife and practice in themselves cannot give us. 

And to that reason, it to that purpose which makes us unique, lovable and different. 

6 thoughts on “Understanding 

    • That’s funny. Sweet. Some say I might be too and could be taken for rough and puff But as long as people don’t try to take advantage of ones generosity and good nature because Abrasive people with sharp tongues are annoying I think.


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