We share dreams and secrets, 

Curled around each other like kittens  

Never bored nor bothered,

Just pondering the universe 

As we do. 

But it’s late at night 

When I’m alone,

It is when your lips invade mine,

My thoughts and wants 

Come rushing inside me 

In favour of other sorts of explorations.

4 thoughts on “Explorer

  1. When you feel my breathe
    Open up your lips
    When my lips touch your lips
    You will feel a rush of blood
    Never open up your eyes
    We are ready to explode
    Two volcanos inside our soul..

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    • These are the words I long for
      Gazing at out into the unbreakable
      Thoughts of confusion engulf
      But the inside the heart
      Still holds the flame


  2. Let us lit the fire
    To burn our words
    Let us lit our blood
    To burn our lust
    At the end
    The sweat and the long breathes
    Bury a love buried in our ashes


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