Paris Journey’s~ Building Castles

Day 14
Beyond these castle walls
Of history long past
Shall I live the rest of years
If they ask me to stay, I would
Perhaps a life to share, maybe
And do stay I will for as long as I can
I want to dream,
To never let me go.

The minutes past so quickly,
Our time here on the hill
Looking out to the bay
Where castle walls still stand
A thousand years old
That’s how much I love you
And I want you even more.

One I wanted someone to rescue me
To pick me up and carry me
Out of this fire that I didn’t start
But can’t put out. To carry me
Out into the rain and wind
But in this place it is
Where I can feel myself again.

Only now I want someone
To share it with you,
This fine line we walk
To tell you to lean on me,
And I on you
That everything is going to be ok.

Never to worry if you don’t have to
And I won’t either,
Just to get on with it
To never move me from this spot
And it’s in the way you move me
It’s why I love you all the way,
In this castle that you have given me,
It’s why I love you…
I just do.

~ to be continued

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