Paris journey’s – The Mystic

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The journey is a mystic experience
Beyond hidden oceans we traveled
The fragile heart is not allowed
Our devotion uncompromising.

Enchanting and enticing,
Through a translucent mist,
Time floats in the silver sea,
Shining, we were sun-kissed and hot.

We wandered night and day,
He sang to me by the pearl blue ocean
In a land so far away, where we had
Gone to discover our true love.

Walking on a shore of diamonds,
Our footsteps light and airy,
He forever sings the song of life,
Delicate and we never wary.

Woven into each other
Of body’s longing for love,
With his long graceful fingers,
His body more than sanctifies.

Stepping quietly, slowly, climbing
To the top of the mountain
The same place were Socrates,
Plato, and Homer once stood.

And footsteps, so soft and tender,
Floating along a bed of glass
On the hearts of all pretenders
And I discovered I love him even more.

We walked on shattered hearts,
Where we loved and never broken,
Tenderly, he whispered; love
The words were spoken.

Our hearts are dreams realised,
In places of beautiful pieces of art
Where we became a part of it
Which we traveled oceans to see.

Gently, with his delicate hands,
He help me up the fragmented rock
Graced me with warmth and devotion,
Drawing away all my fears.

It’s why I love him still even more
To this very day, we go back
And Always I think we will,
Again and again.

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