Hemingway Cats Read and Write





Hemingway house has 6 toed cats

A Hemingway cat,

also known as a Polydactyl cat.

They have extra toes.



“We now know young Ernest Hemingway was a sensitive soul but, beneath the machismo for which he became known, the iconic author seemed to have maintained his soft core into his final years. One testament to this was his well-documented love of his cats — he had 23 by 1945.

(His first cat, named Snowball, was given to him by a ship’s captain and was six-toed; his former home in Key West, Florida, currently houses nearly a hundred descendants of Snowball, about half of whom are polydactyl — an inadvertent lab for inbred genetic mutation.)

Hemingway’s niece, Hilary Hemingway, writes in the foreword to Hemingway’s Cats: An Illustrated Biography (public library) that the author and his fourth wife, Mary, called the cats “purr factories” and “love sponges.”



American author Ernest Hemingway published novels, journalism, and short stories, many of which are considered classics of American literature, including The Old Man And The Sea, A Farewell To Arms, and For Whom The Bell Tolls. He was a World War I veteran who was known for his hard-edged, masculine approach. He won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1954.


32 thoughts on “Hemingway Cats Read and Write

      • Hope moving process is going well. We moved 17 times in 24 years, glad to reduce that by a LOT. Nice to make new friends, but it is nice to actually let the dust settle and no longer worry about schools and such. Whew


      • I moved 1 time in 25 years. i maybe too traditional, but steady,and i love my kitchen and the garden, fresh vegies and blooms, but i am loyal. call me square maybe a bit old fashion, but i love being home.


      • Working for military and govt agencies, moving was just part of our lives. Kids matured quickly and learned to adapt better than most. I love the idea of never moving again unless there’s a family emergency. YAYAY


      • Yuk, siblings went through that last week in MS, AL and TN. I’m still in PA until tomorrow, down to TN for weekend, Grands birthday, if all holds true as of now.
        Moving back soon as Dr releases me to travel. I’m ready today, miss hills, mountains, and Jack Daniels distillery being close. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm


      • Hadn’t heard about that, NOpe on both parts. No recent hospital visits, nor girlfriend. I avoid the former and haven’t had a girlfriend in a LONG while. I can count the dates I’ve been on in last 4+ yrs on my thumbs. And haven’t had a valium voluntarily or not in 40+ years. Not my thing with sleep apnea and other medical conditions. If weather doesn’t get worse, heading to TN later in afternoon, early evening. BBQ and mini golf and kiddies, what could be better??


      • I have a pretty full life of Family, love, and happiness now. Abundant friends in RL and social media help me appreciate how blessed I am. As far as I’m concerned, I’m in the top 1% of what counts in Life, so many can no longer dream of such happiness, much less achieve it. I take nothing for granted, all except for our souls can be gone in the next second. Love all you can as long as you can, don’t punch out without giving it your all. I know, I sound like an old Lee Greenwood song lived out in real life. Only small difference, he wrote about life and sacrifice and loss, I lived it before he wrote his song. No matter what, I am blessed abundantly and more than I could ever deserve. Another blessed Monday, I wish you. GoKarts still vibrating in my little brain covering. Maybe I should have skipped a race or two or four? haahahahah


      • Sounds wonderful I’m glad that you had such a full lather I know you’re happy that’s that’s great. Hello here and things like that it’s a wonderful way to live. Melrose pretty small is just me I have two dogs my sons in Puerto Rico another one is in Maine Portland Maine. I retard early with not a lot today I am moving the Asian Schillinger house today I’m not supposed to be there so I put the dogs in the car and were driving around this morning awaiting them for them to get through showing. Hey Brimanda UK where I plan to write full-time if I can sell this house it’s been a burden is I can keep it up.


      • Good luck with selling the house. Sometimes hanging onto a house is more trouble than letting go and making a move. Until last problems with Knees, I could do most anything needed around the house as long as I could reach it. I enjoyed working with my hands, so different than stuck to screens of many types and headsets always on my head.


      • I am back home now. I was going into Lowes hardware store and i always put Ruby in the Basket. She travels really well for a Yorkie. But this time, I set in her seat in the shopping cart in the parking lot and she low and behold jumps out and runs from me. Well I immediate drop my purse and everything and go after her. She runs wild and wont come to me. A lady comes out to help grabs my purse for me. Im getting sick at my stomach, its 90 degrees 200% humidity and I start getting the heaves trying to keep from vomiting just sick, cars are darting around her I am chasing her. The lady ask me if she likes other dogs and I say yes. She goes an gets her dog out of her van and Ruby comes up to it after a few minutes. Then I was able to grab her. Well I did not go into Lowes. We just got home.


      • Wow, like little children, sometimes they just take a notion and off they go without thinking, just reacting. Glad you made it home so you can rest. Hot and muggy weather can zap all the energy, and stress makes it so much worse. Thank goodness, you had a Good Samaritan with a big heart show up. What a morning already. Rest and relax as much as you can.


  1. Hemingway was a interesting man. When I was young. I wanted the life of Hemingway. He
    followed wars and lived life to the fullest. I do own a cat. She is my number one fan. I like the Hemingway cat.


    • Hello JC, sorry for not replying sooner. Its storming here like crazy. power comes and goes, raining hard and fast ; loosing signal,having to use the ipad to type, not ideal, I have a cat too. her name is catness, By the way JC….in my eyes…whether you know it or not…you and my friend J are Hemingway’s each with your kind of battles, win and victories and both, my own good friends. Delighted to know every one of my fellow warrior writers of whom i value and cherish. If there was a Hemingway award, i would nominate both of you. Love Catnip


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