Life Above the Mat ~ Maytag Man


Living life above
The Laundry-O-Mat
It ain’t so bad.

He came back
With a bundle,
He’s does the maintenance
On the Maytag machines.

I was looking for you,
It’s hot in here, I said.
Life, it all smells
So sweet, don’t you think,
Like laundry detergent
In the summer heat.

It’s the kind that I use
During the spring
That makes
My clothes all
Soft and worn.

But I’m worn down,
You know,
Well, at least since;
It’s Fluffy,
She ran away.

Threw a fit when I ask;
To help remove the lent,
My favorite part of
The job.

And if I were to compare
Where I was,
To where I am now,
Well it’s just weird,

So if you told me I would
Be smiling,
Just smiling, living above
The Laundry-O-Matic.

Who would ever believe
I have a date with
The Maytag Man.


Only if I could be
So lucky.


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