Carl the Cat ~ He can read


One minute,

Carl is pouring milk out on the floor,

Into his bowl.  Looking at the milk carton,

Like he is reading it or something, He’s

Giving me the one-eye, hugging his bowl,

Like I wanted it. Yuck, not now.

He made a nasty mess for me to clean up.

The next minute, he bails out, scramming,

When he sees me coming.

Bad Carl.

Then I go to look for him.

He was at the neighbors,

Teaching their little girl how to read.

Go figure. And it’s Latin at that!

It just makes me wonder,

How can one cat, be such a pain

And a pleasure too.


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4 thoughts on “Carl the Cat ~ He can read

  1. And they are reading a Demidovich’s “Calculus Problems and Exercises for Engineering Colleges”, of all books! Me and my grandmother’s cat Muse poured a lot over this book too, long, long time ago…

    Not Latin, though… Mundane Russian.


    • You know you’re my hero because no one else got it that it was Russian and not let but you. so proud of you thank you for your great reply. You just made my day.


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